Linkwitz Orion Speakers

I will say a few things before referring you to the proper places to find out about the Orions. They are dipoles. They use an active crossover and multiple amplifier channels per speaker. They violate many tenets of commercial speaker manufacturing and most audiophile myths. They’re the real thing if you want realistic music reproduction at realistic (and concert) listening levels. They are the last speakers I will own.

I owe Siegfried Linkwitz endless gratitude for designing these speakers and making it possible for everyone to own them. Thank you, Siegfried.

See Siegfried’s website for the technical low-down on the Orions and how you can build your own set. Or see the retail site if you want someone else to build them for you. The audio magazines ignore this work, even though Stereophile gave Siegfried’s Audio Artistry Beethoven their 1998 Loudspeaker Product of the Year award and the Orions are better speakers. See this list for reviews that you can read around the web. You can get advice on just about any aspect of the Orions by visiting the Orion/Pluto User Group forum.

If you want to listen to the Orions, contact someone on the list near the end of this page. Or contact me.