Arm and Cartridge Alignment

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Supereyes 500X Mini Portable USB LED Digital Microscope Endoscope Magnifier Camera

Sure it is, but in the meantime, here are some photos of my Shelter 901 taken with a 500x USB microscope. I took these in my first attempt to get a handle on measuring SRA. It may look easy to take these snapshots, but they were cherry picked from about 40 photos kept from around a hundred taken with different focus and lighting while the USB microscope was strapped to the end of a shaky goose neck lamp to suspend it above the ‘table.

The back of the arm will not go low enough to get the SRA lower than about 3 degrees. Modifications are forthcoming.

Though the azimuth looked good to my eye with a magnifier headset, and the body was square with the platter, you can see from the photos how far off the azimuth was.

The images on this page are low resolution preview images. Click on an image to open the full size original in a new browser tab or window. Your browser may still shrink the high res image to fit in the window, so use the browser to enlarge it to full size.

1. in the groove (side) 20120819170208

2. in the groove (front) 20120819200840

3. from the front 20120819172424

4. clean that cantilever 20120819173335

5. high SRA 20120819205959

6. bad azimuth, 2.5 degrees off 20120819211423

7. best SRA (arm at lower limit) 20120819221942

8. best SRA  (level platter, SRA=3.0) 20120819230824

8. best SRA  (level platter, SRA=3.0) 20120819230824 - CLIPPED

9. perfect azimuth 20120819224431


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